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Entry #40

It's been a while.

2012-09-22 22:17:30 by Psycedelic

Why, hello there Newgrounds! Damn, I haven't been much around lately.

Now, if you were wondering what I was doing all these years, I have been enlightened by the culture and media coming out from the far east. Actually got excessively interested in J-pop, anime and whatnot. I even started to order figures, posters and all kinds of junk from Japan, to which end led me to believe I was not really cut for doing much creative work; I am merely too damn lazy to do anything at all. Wait, that's a bit unfair, isn't it? I kind of posted a bunch of music.. No, nevermind.

Last year I was 'studying' at this so-called "Folkehøgskole" somewhere out in the countryside of my great nation. I chose the subject of Film & Animation (though we didn't do much of the last bit), and that resulted in a few terrible movies and lots of drinking in the wee early hours.

To illustrate my point, I will show you the project I feel I did best on these 9 months I was partying amongst all sorts of weirdos:

This peculiar work of art is about the very subject of corruption, deceit and the inevitable spiral to downfall. Or just some stupid youngsters doing drugs.

I filmed and edited the entire thing, except for one of the scenes I had to make my appearance. There are not as of now any current subtitles in English, so you will just have to bear with me and watch the damn thing for what it is.

Oh yeah, I'm turning 20 in about a week. So that means I can buy whiskey, and down it at home with all my figures and some Tom Waits at the side.

It's been a while.


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